Why do I take photos?

It's an interesting question.  In today's day and age it seems that everyone is caught up in phones and taking selfies every where we go.....

My love started as a kid.  I remember taking a class as a kid with my dad at the Farmington (MI) community center.  Part of the class was to take pictures at an event.. I remember we went to the mall and took pictures of a classic car show.

Darn it, I think some of those photos were pretty good.  Of course many were bad.  

And right there, I believe, is the reason....   Since the pictures were all on 35mm film, we had to wait several days for results.  Something noone can do now-a-days... and when the pictures came back... there was the good.. and the bad...

That is when I wanted to be better.  I have always tried to do whatever I do to the best of my ability...  not always succeeding, but that is part of the journey.  I didn't pursue anything with photography at the time, but any time I took a picture, I wanted it to be better. 

Not necessarily better than someone else's...just better than the last one I took.

People have always told me I have a good eye for composition, so I've always enjoyed taking photos for the art of it.   Looking at things from different angles, etc.

So here I am...  older and wiser.. but with still much to learn!   

Trying to always make this snap, better than the last.  It is a puzzle..  a challenge.. and a desire.

And I love sharing them with you.  So... enjoy!

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